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The other Refuges and Sentinels

Refuge d'Art

Belon Farm

Conditions of access

NB : to visit this Refuge, a request must be made to the Musée Gassendi. Keys are issued in return for a deposit of ID.

Visit the Refuge the day
Sleeping in the Refuge d'Art


By car
Parking: Draix
Distance: 13 km from Digne-les-Bains
Time: around 20 mins

Prendre la D900 en direction de La Javie et de Barcelonnette. Après 5 km environ prendre à  droite la D22 jusqu'au village de Draix (5 km de plus environ).

Time: 1 hr 30 mins
Total distance: 5 km
Net difference in altitude: 130 m
Markings: yellow

(1) Go down the steps in front of the church, and turn right along the road in the direction of La Rouine. (2) Further down, take the trail on the left, marked "Refuge de Belon – Le Brusquet", to the bottom of the valley. Having crossed the bridge over the Bouinec, take the upward path that goes round the house on the left. One km further on, there is a fork. (3) Go left, and upward, through the forest. There is a panel indicating "Ferme de Belon". 250 m further on, take the path to the left indicated by a cairn. (4) There is a clearing below the Refuge d'Art – Ferme Belon.
Return by the same route.

GPS references

voiture-digne-draix.gpx By car
rda-belon.gpx Hikes

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