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Initiators and partners
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Partnerships and financing

Local partnerships
This project was made possible by the support of numerous local partners: the communities in which the Refuges and Sentinels are sited, the Office National des Forêts, the architect Eric Klein, the companies that constructed the works, the different economic and tourist organisations: mountain guides, local and departmental bodies, restaurateurs and hoteliers.

Public and private financing
Over the years, Refuge d'Art has received financing from a number of sources, both public and private, notably from European programmes (Leader+, Interreg, FEDER-ITMR), the French state (FNADT, DRAC), the Provence-Alpes-Cà´te-d'Azur region, the British Council and other sponsors (20% self-financing, in the framework of European projects).
Financial support is also provided by the Fondation de France and the American patron Jerry Murdoch.