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The other Refuges and Sentinels


Vallée du Bès

« I never believed that I could make a cairn in the Clues de Barles. I must have passed through there many times, always saying that to make a work here would be impossible. The place is too strong – it would be arrogant and insulting to even try to leave a work here. We had in fact found a site further up the valley. It was on our way back that, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the small recessed area where the cairn now sits. I said nothing for a few kilometres, suppressing the idea. Eventually I asked to turn around and go back. When we reached the site, it was obvious that this was the place. This was confirmed by finding two cut holes in either side of the recessed area, in which a beam had once been placed, to support a roof, which would have sheltered the people who made the road. » [Andy Goldsworthy]