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May – Andy Goldsworthy's first visit to Digne-les-Bains for the inauguration of his solo exhibition put on by the Grassendi Museum to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Geological Reserve of the Haute-Provence.
July – With his family, Andy Goldsworthy stayed by the river Bes in Digne where he created series of ephemeral sculptures including the Cairn of Digne. It was then that he suggested that Digne might be an ideal place for a collection of his pieces. This is when the collaboration began.

The Geological Reserve commissioned three sculptures from the artist for the entrances to the protected territory. “Our conclusion was to erect sculptural “guardians" or “Sentinels" rather than “entrances" to watch over these regions at the heart of the valley." [AG].

Creation of five Water cairns along the trail to the Musée-Promenade (Digne). Andy Goldsworthy travelled across the territory to identify where the Sentinels should be placed. At this point arose the idea of a hiking trail to link the works. “Because of the distances between the Sentinels, I suggested that I should renovate ancient buildings so that people could not only stay the night but so that I could also integrate a sculpture within." [AG].

First Sentinel built in Clues de Barles in the Bes valley.
Creation of the River of Earth in the Gassendi's landscape room. A caption video shows the changing state of the work, progressively revealing the river, for the “the Dance of Temps", a choreographed piece by Regine Chopinot (Atlantic Ballet). It is the first Art Refuge.

Sentinelle - Vallée du Vançon
Sentinelle - Vallée de l'Asse

Refuge d'Art - Chapelle Sainte-Madeleine
Refuge d'Art - Bains Thermaux

Refuge d'Art - Ferme Belon

Refuge d'Art - Col de l'Escuichière (première phase)

Refuge d'Art - Vieil Esclangon

Refuge d'Art - La Forest

Refuge d'Art - Col de l'Escuichière (deuxième phase)

Refuge d'Art – Vieille bergerie de Chine