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Refuge d'Art

Rivière de terre

La Danse du Temps (November 1999)
Zweites Gemeinschaftsprojekt von Andy Goldsworthy und Régine Chopinot (Ballet Atlantique)

« The Ballet Atlantique (Régine Chopinot's company) and Digns have always been linked in my mind. The discussions for my second project with Régine centred on the idea of a river. We both wanted to make a film as a backdrop for the dancing. I started to think about to think about the way of simplifying the idea, and perhaps, in the process, attaining the essence of movement, change, fluidity and time. Shortly after this meeting, I one more went to Digne. And it was while working in the river that I realised Digne was the ideal place for this project. I decided to make a wall where the layer of clay would be thicker in some places than others, so that as it dried, a form would appear in the cracks. The drying process is something extraordinary, with the work revealing itself slowly over time. It was this process that I wanted to film, concentrating two weeks of drying into an hour and ten, in other words the duration of the show. » [Andy Goldsworthy]