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« The purpose of the walk is to link the cairns and the valleys by foot, but also to begin the story of a walk that will be written more deeply by each person who embarks upon it. In a broader sense, I feel it's important to shift emphasis away from the road and the car as the only means to explore the Reserve. » [Andy Goldsworthy]

Essentially, there are two possibilities. You can do the complete circuit, or visit particular sites, starting from a parking area.

There are also local guides who can provide information about the geology, botany and history of the area.

Hiking traveling
Distance : 150 km
Time : 8 to 10 days of hiking
Level : Good hiker
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One-day hikes
Distance : de 1,5 km to 5,3 km
Time : 30 mins – 2 hrs
Level : easy to medium
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Guided circuits
Different discovery plans offered.
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