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The other Refuges and Sentinels


Vallée de l'Asse

Dry stone construction, a tradition shared by Provence and the Anglo-Saxon countries.

"You might wonder: why is this technique called 'dry stone'? It is true that there is nothing holding the stones together as such. But apart from that, the idea of 'dryness' does not seem to fit in with an art in which everything has to do with observation, matching up the material and the workmanship, the parts and the sum, and then the balance, the contact, the putting together. You start out with very little. Just stones. They are in the fields, on the moorlands, detached from the rock faces. A lot of them had to be removed from the fields, in any case, to make agriculture possible. You do not have to pay for them. All you need is a good eye and a skilled hand. And patience."

Pierre Coste, Pierre sèche en Provence, 1983